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Meet our Travelers



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Natalia Swarz



Founder of Hôtel Weekend based in Barcelona

Favorite Destination: Providencia, Lisbon, Koufonisia

On her bucket list: French Polynesia,  Kenya, Mexico & the Maldives.


Nathalie Simond


I live to eat and drink, not the other way around

Fashion PR based in Paris

Favorite Destination: Paraty

On her bucket list: Fernando de Noronha, Alaska & Philippines


Andrea Swarz



Photographer & Art director based in Colombia

Favorite Destination: Paris

On her bucket list: India, Brazil & Thailand



Inês Grego


Portuguese bon vivant taking a walk on the wild side

Fashion sales & marketing based in Barcelona

Favorite Destination: Alentejo 

On her bucket list: Japan, Australia & Serbia 


Maristella González


 Always looking for design inspiration wherever I go

Graphic designer & style blogger based in Panamá

Favorite Destination: Rio de Janeiro

On her bucket list: Stockholm, Tokyo, Sydney


Lauren Arboleda


Travelling & eating from the heart

Founder of Food from the heart, chef & autor based in Miami

Favorite Destination: Rio de Janeiro

On her bucket list: Bali, India & Japan


Via Tolila


Always curious & amazed by discovering new places to create unique visual narratives

Lauren & Annael Tolila are two sisters based between Israel & France.

Favorite Destination: Amsterdam & Hawaii 

On their bucket list: Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Amalfi Coast & Greek Islands. 


Madelyn Hannah


Exploring the beauty in the ordinary

Photography -  based in Sydney, AUS

Favorite Destination: Italy

On her bucket list: Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Mexico


Mariana García


 Searching for myself in every stage of life

Mexican photographer & Creative Director of P Magazine based in NYC

Favorite Destination: Barcelona & California

On her bucket list: Amalfi Coast & Capri, Brazil, Japan, Bali



Daniella Benedetti


Born with eyes wide open

Photographer and Co-director at Fotomeraki, based in Colombia

Favorite destination: Tokyo

On her bucket list: New Zealand, Bali, Iceland, South Africa


David Gómez-Villamediana


Curious mind looking for memorable adventures

Creative Consultant and Fashion Editor based in New York 

Favorite destination: Madrid

On his bucket list: Beirut & Tel Aviv


Anna Pihan


Voyageur / Aesthete

Photographer based in Sydney, Australia

Favourite Destination: Norway, Italy & Tokyo

On her bucket list: Oman, Zanzibar & Balearic Islands




Rosa & Manuel

Artist + Architect based in Barcelona

Favorite Destination: Formentera

On their bucket list: Tokyo, Iceland and Australia



Isabella Moore

Travel with an open heart

Australian/Peruvian Storyteller, based in Sydney and Stockholm

Favorite Destination: Rio de Janeiro

On her bucket list:Tunisia, Georgia and Japan.



Tania Lian

The secret is in the details

Colombian/Lebanese wellness, food and hotel lover based in Barcelona.

Favorite Destination: Istanbul

On her bucket list: India, Stockholm, Perú



Lourdes Martin

A wanderer with an old soul finding nostalgia in every corner of the world. 

Favorite Destination: Amalfi Coast

On her bucket list: Patagonia, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, The Seychelles




Natalia Zapata

I stop and feel. Then I put it in words.

Favorite Destination: Tuscany, always.

On her bucket List: Morocco, India, Tibet




Polina Sova

Estonian model based in Berlin, travelling at "This is P's travel" blog

Favourite destination: South East Asia. (But specifically, Indonesia)



Dylan Essertier 

Favorite Destination: Marrakech

On her Bucketlist: Tokyo, Havana, and Cartagena




Monica Mendal

Destination: that surprised her:  Malta

On her Bucketlist: Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, and Morocco's Atlantic coast




Lucy Silver

New places are best explored through their people and food - live like a local.

Digital producer based in Paris with a wild curiosity for new flavours and places.

Favorite destination: India and Japan, but I have so much left to discover in both.

On her bucket list: Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Norway.


Julie Pointer Adams

Finding wabi-sabi beauty everywhere I go

Freelance writer and photographer

Favorite destination: Southern France and Denmark

On her bucket list: Mallorca & Puglia



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