The Playa Robe in Khadi

The Playa Robe in Khadi


A truly essential layer. This utilitarian robe provides just enough warmth for the plane and easily slips over any outfit. The handspun and woven Khadi cloth from India lends a subtle sheerness to the piece, while the detachable belt can be cinched at the waist for a sleeker effect, tucked as a head wrap, or even worn as a slim scarf with other outfits.

About the Designer

Inspired by the duality of relaxation and effort, Par en Par (short for “de par en par” or “doors wide open” in Spanish) designs inherently versatile resort wear. Our collections balance elegance with ease and durability with lightness, creating purposeful clothing that’s adaptive to any journey.

This is resort wear — thoughtfully reconsidered. Our pieces effortlessly integrate into existing wardrobes — like pairing the robe with jeans or our slip dress over a vintage tee — weaving relaxation and ease into everyday routines. Through elegant yet adaptable clothing, Par en Par encourages a subtle shift in mindset, preparing you for the journey ahead.

Item details

  • 100% khadi handspun and handwoven cotton

  • Our khadi is lightweight and slightly transparent

  • Machine wash, hang dry

  • Made in India

  • We suggest sizing down from your normal fit if you’re in between sizes

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