Dalkey Earring

Dalkey Earring


Named after the Irish city of Dalkey, this earring features a rectangular moss agate stone that was taken inspired by the designer's travels to the seaside village. Earrings are sold as singles. If you would like to have the pair, please add two pieces to your cart.

About the Designer

SVNR was born from the union of ethics and aesthetics. The brand pairs a commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and conscious consumption with a collector’s love of fashion and its mystical transformative power.  With these tenets in mind, SVNR jewelry is made from found, re-used, up-cycled and natural materials, and each handmade piece references a unique time and place in the collective human consciousness.

Souvenir is the French verb for “remember”, derived from the Latin subvenīre—to come to mind.  Over time, in English, the word came to represent a physical reminder of a journey or destination, a tangible piece of the traveled experience that was small enough to bring home, and would always transport the possessor back to its place of origin.

SVNR designer Christina Tung has worn every hat in the fashion industry for over a decade, most recently at the helm of her New York City-based PR showroom House Of.  A launchpad for cutting-edge brands from around the world, the agency is a reflection of Christina’s own eclectic, globally-influenced style.  SVNR was founded on a rainy summer weekend in 2018 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Item details

  • Pyrite, moss agate. About 3.5 inches long.

  • Made in New York.

  • All SVNR earrings are sold individually, unless otherwise indicated.  Our earrings are meant to be mixed and matched with each other, or with earrings you already own.

  • Most of our materials are one-of-a-kind, so the individual components of your earring may vary slightly in size and shape. Crafted from found, re-used, up-cycled, and natural materials, due to the handmade nature, subtle variations in color and shape make each piece unique.

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