Galapagos Capri Hat

Galapagos Capri Hat


The Capri hat is a perfect summer essential for women. Carefully handcrafted from all natural fibres, the Capri hat collapses in half for ease of transport. Optional ties at the base of each hat can be used for anchoring during breezes. The collection offers an extensive colour palette and changes from season to season. Galapagos features a green and white check pattern woven through its natural fibre base with a green cotton trim.

About the Designer

For Sydney based artist and designer Lorna Murray, global foraging fires her imagination and compels her vibrant creative practice. She is a journeywoman on a quest to discover all there is to know about the fascinating and rich history of textile crafts and traditions.

Item Description

  • Hand Crafted

  • 100% Natural Organic Grass Fibre

  • Woven detailing

  • Sun Protection

  • Water Resistant

  • Breathable

  • Foldable – Compact

  • Strap ties

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