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Why Scandinavia is the Perfect Destination for Slow Travel

The Scandinavian and Nordic countries are the perfect destinations for anyone with a slow travel mentality. Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the various smaller islands that make up the region are all ingrained with a slower pace of life. If you are used to visiting hectic destinations such as London and New York, your first trip to Scandinavia could be just what you need to learn how to slow down your travels.

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How to Slow Down in a Fast-Paced Location

Relaxing on a beach or enjoying a quiet getaway in a secluded cottage may seem like the only options for a slow holiday – but it’s possible to slow down your travels even if you are visiting a fast-paced location. Busy cities may not seem like the best choice for anyone looking for a tranquil getaway, but there are many ways that you can discover a different side to these hectic locations.

Cover Photo: Cecy Young

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Why Road Trips are the Ultimate Slow Holidays

There’s something so liberating about packing your holiday essentials into the back of a car, grabbing a map and setting off on a road trip. Whether you’re planning an epic journey or a weekend getaway, the freedom of a flexible itinerary completely slows down your trip. There are no flights to rush for, no frantic journeys on public transport. There’s just you and the open road.

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