VERDI Insider guide to Bogotá, Colombia

VERDI started in the Colombian mountains in 1995 with Carlos Vera Dieppa, a pioneer in Latin American textile design that worked with the people of Curití, Santander (Colombia), and developed a unique technique of intertwined natural fibers and copper threads that resulted in the first ever VERDI RUG. After his passing in 2010, his son Tomás and his daughter Cristina, not only brought his technique back to life, but went on to create a brand that now lives and breathes a legacy based on both family and traditional Colombian craftsmanship.

Last May, VERDI opened the doors of their first showroom in Bogotá: an ode to Latin Amercian design. We asked the Verdi team to show us around the city: where to sleep, shop and dine. Read below for their go-to spots while in town.

Bogotá. 8 am, where to wake up?

Click Clack Hotel.

Where is brunch?

Stop by Club Colombia for an authentic Colombian breakfast. A few arepas, some hot chocolate & cheese, “calentados” and of course, loads of coffee!

Best neighbourhood for shopping? Which stores?

A must-stop for shopping in Bogotá is our VERDI SHOWROOM, where you’ll find from unique hand-woven rugs in fibers and metals to beautiful handbags in silk and silver.  The space was recently nominated as “one of the best retail spaces in the world in 2019” by design authority, Surface Magazine. We also love Calle de los Anticuarios, a cute little street with shops on both sides. Make sure to stop by St Dom, the coolest Colombian concept store, and check out our mochilas, among other amazing pieces and designers! 

Your all time favorite restaurant for lunch?

One of our favorite neighborhoods in the city is “La Candelaria”, a traditional, colonial area in downtown Bogotá with beautiful old houses and historical architecture. In La Candelaria, a great place for lunch is Prudencia, where the menu focuses on organically sourced farm-to-table dishes from all over the world. Another more layed-back spot for a quick lunch is Andres Carne de Res’s plaza, where you’ll find great Colombian food in a fun ambience.  

In the mood for dessert, where should we go?

Obleas with arequipe (caramel)  from Bogota’s historic center are musts. The LULAZO dessert at “Café Bar Universal” is also amazing - exotic tropical fruits and fluffy cream all in one! Lastly, try AURY POSTRES for typical Colombian yumminess: postre tres leches, piononos, milojas and more. 


Needing inspiration. Any art galleries, museums or inspirational place to go?

THE VERDI SHOWROOM is the best place to go for inspiration and for a taste of Colombian tradition & craft reinvented in more modern and luxurious pieces, starting with our VERDI’S TREE OF LIFE. We occasionally use the space as a gallery as well, and recently had a very special exhibition of 4 different artists under the framework of Bogota’s ARTBO, one of Latin America’s most important art fairs. On another hand, our all-time favorite gallery is La Cometa. Also be sure to stop by Galería El Museo and Espacio Continuo for a glimpse of Colombian modern and contemporary art. 


After work drinks?

Make your way to El Bandido and ask for its hidden bar: El Enano at the back of the restaurant. Llorente is also a favorite among the VERDI team!

Where do we go for dinner with friends? 

This is a tricky one, so we’ll narrow it down to a few: we love El Chato (its chef was recently awarded as one of Latin America’s best chefs!), Mesa Franca and Salvo Patria.

and for a date?

NUEVE! Amazing Colombian-fusion dishes in the form of “tapas” - perfect to share during a romantic dinner. They also have the best rosemary-smoked gins! 

The thing you miss most when you’re away?

The people! 

Bogotá’s best kept secret?

Again: VERDI! But seriously, our Showroom is located in a rather industrial area in the city and it contrasts beautifully with our unusual and exciting exhibition space. Because it’s VERY speak-easy, people can only enter the experience by appointment or through a guided-tour.