TL-180 Rome Insiders Guide

Luisa Orsini and Antonine (Tine) Peduzzi are the French-Italian designers behind the highly covetable new bag line, TL-180 (which stands for their initials and height measurements). They are also the creative masterminds behind the fall 2019 relaunch of iconic ‘50’s brand, Capucci. Globetrotting between New York, Paris and Rome, Rome is what they deem home; so in a city inundated with overtourism, there really is no better pair to guide us through a local’s day in the ancient city.

Rome, 9am. Where should we wake up?

Hotel Locarno or in one of the rooms of Villa Medici “la chambre turque” which is one of the most beautiful place to sleep in.

10am. Where’s brunch?

La Veranda dell'Hotel Columbus and Santi Sebastiano e Valentino.

11:30am. Neighborhood or streets for the best shopping?

Via del Governo vecchio: there are great vintage shops in this street really close to Piazza Navona. Some of our favorites are: Omero e Cecilia, Via del Governo vecchio 35, Cinzia. Also shop in Monti: a really nice neighborhood with little shops and restaurants. Really close to the breathless “Fori imperiali”(ancient ruins). One of the nicer local clothing shops in Roma is Bomba. Great quality designed and crafted cloth that also offers a tailoring service.  There are two great shops in Via della Fontanella di Borghese, which are: Beautyaholics where you will find all the best natural products for your skin, plus the owner is a great adviser. The other shop is one of the most representative of timeless Roman clothing and we love it. It’s called Schostal. You will find great tees, underwear, pajamas, socks etc…. you can’t miss it. Miss France is a really cheap and little fun vintage shop with and former Miss France is the owner. The particularity of this shop (apart from the owner)  is that she is open only by night! And Cherry if you want to find a unique perfumes.

12:30pm. Cool art galleries or museums only locals know about?

Casa de Chirico: where the artist used to live. It is such a unique experience to be able to visit the apartment of such a great artist (exactly as it was). You have to call before to book your visit. It is not well known that you can visit. Also Galleria Lorcan O’neill. And Gavin Brown, a  contemporary art gallery which opened in a deconsecrated church. Museo del Louvre: one of the best spots in Roma to find old photos, books and curiosity. Th owner is an amazing man you will love to speak with him, he has great anecdotes of Roma in the 70’s. Also Emanuel Layr, T293, and our favorite: Gnam. This is our favourite museum. We love to spend time there, it is so peaceful and beautiful. Time seems to be suspended there.

2pm. Lunch! Where to?

Da Enzo al 29 in Trastevere. Also Trattoria dei fori imperiali and Osteria Chiana.

3:30pm. Coffee and dessert. Where is best?

Bar San Calisto is our favorite bar spot in Roma. Mix of true Roman people and good tourists ;) try the “hot chocolate with panna.” For desserts, Pasticeria Le 5 lune - one of the oldest bakeries in Roma, we are obsessed with the creme torte with strawberries. Also you can have a coffee and dessert at Roscioli Bar.

5pm. Where is the best scene for an apéritif?

The roman RDV for aperitivo is “il Goccetto” you will find really good wine. And Camponeschi is the “Grande Belezza” emblematic spot in Roma.

8pm. Good dinner spot for a big group of friends? And what about for a romantic dinner?

Osteria Dei Colli Emiliani, Lo sgobbone de pippo and Coropuna.


11pm. Then for drinks?

La Fine and Coropuna.

12am. We want to dance. Where to?

La Fine.

Your absolute favorite place in Rome?

It’s hard to choose a specific favorite place in Rome. Let’s say that our favorite thing in Rome is to promenade in the city.. For example, walk to our pencils and colors shop “da Poggi” (in via del Gesu) which is close to the Pantheon,  and pass by Piazza della Minerva, one of the most magical square in Rome, with The Bernini Statue (column with elephant) then enter into the church san luigi dei francesi to admire a “Caravaggio” , then look at the Pantheon from all the different perspectives and little streets that brings to it, then stop in the priest shop to buy great socks! And this is only one example of a typical promenade in Roma.

One major cultural landmark you can’t miss?

The Pantheon!