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A Top Fashion Editor’s Guide to the West Village

Caroline Grosso, Digital Fashion Director of W Magazine seems to have it all figured out. A scroll through her instagram and you’ll realize that her chic taste extends beyond just fashion. She’s a savant in all things up-and-coming and cool: from travel destinations, to hotels, to restaurants, and gallery openings– she’s always ahead of the curb. Grosso, based in New York City, has just moved back to the West Village after a decade of exploring other neighborhoods. Below, she takes us on a tour as she rediscovers one of New York’s coolest neighborhoods with her adorable frenchie Louie.

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Kelly Talamas' Insider Guide to Miami

If you follow fashion, you probably know Kelly Talamas de Rilliet. Kelly is most known for her role as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Mexico, a post she held from 2012-2016. During her tenure, Business of Fashion named her one of the 500 people who were shaping the global fashion landscape. While Kelly has bounced from her hometown of Miami, to Mexico, to Bogota, Miami is the place she will always call home. Since growing up there, she finds it exciting to return and explore the city with fresh eyes. As Miami has experienced a sort of creative renaissance over the last decade, the city extends itself beyond the South Beach party scene for which it was once known. Below, Kelly shares her favorite local spots to visit when she returns home.

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A Sunday in Brooklyn

I moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago and it quickly became a place I was proud to call home. It’s no secret that in the last few years, Brooklyn has become popular with new developments and great restaurants popping up everywhere. But what I love about it the most is how stepping foot in this borough will make you feel a world away. Each neighborhood is different and unique in its own way – Brooklyn truly has something for everyone. Today, I’m sharing just a few favorites from New York City’s most loved borough.

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