Postcards from Mandalay, Myanmar

As I thought about the reasons that compelled me to come to this country, I found that it was the attraction I felt towards its light. As a photographer, I am always attentive to the light of the places I visit. Once I made my choice, I longed to witness its sunrises and sunsets, to chase the light that shines through the small corners of the temples, to see the midday sun explode on the walls of the white pagodas, and to turn and glance to see how the sun exposes their golden tips that shine like gleaming treasures.

After being here, I realize that the golden light I dreamt to see, feel and photograph is projected solely by the heart, the nobility and the spirit of its people. Only their noble hearts can illuminate this land in that brilliant and passionate way.  Each and every person with whom I have been in contact with and shared moments in this golden land has taught me numerous, invaluable life lessons by showing me that by appreciating the tiniest, most insignificant simple things, we become true, passionate artists in life, and that no matter what religion you ascribe to, or whom you believe yourself to be, the real religion lies in the love and respect we have for each other transmitted through a simple, kind, welcoming smile. 

This place has inspired me in every way, gifting me as if the aperture of my soul had opened and given me insight, not only into myself, but also outward towards the world, and most importantly into a wide aperture within my heart. 

This country, the land and the beauty of its people have obliged me to get a better insight into my being, my ability to fully and truly experience joy and infinite gratitude, to live the true spirit and continue on the path to self-awareness, to recognise my own darkness and learn to live with the shadow that will always follow.

Life has provided me with many opportunities to travel to different places, but none like this one. My heart is bursting with gratitude which is why I say: BURMA YOU ARE PURE GOLD. 

Burma, I humbly thank you.