LESSE founder, Neada Deters' Slow Summer Ritual

The ultra inspiring woman behind organic skincare brand LESSE, Neada Deters, captivated us with her all natural approach to beauty and life. We had a chat with her about Venice Beach, pre and post flight rituals, and where she goes when she’s craving inspiration.

Venice. 7 am.

What is your morning ritual?

When I first wake up, I take my time to enjoy the early morning light. It helps to get me into a better space for the day and so much of our experience is mindset! Then it's straight to the kitchen for a couple of large glasses of water with lemon and probiotics. While I make coffee, I read a chapter or two of my book — allowing this to be my first mental stimulation, instead of a screen, has increased my productivity and mood over the past few months. It kicks off my creativity and is such a kindness to oneself to indulge in something non-work related.

My skincare ritual begins with a light cleanse in the mornings, using our LESSE Essential Cleanser. Then I use an ice cube to stimulate circulation and alleviate puffiness under my eyes, moving the ice across my face, neck, and décolletage. Then a spritz of toner, a few drops of our LESSE Ritual Serum gently pressed into my skin, and then sunscreen. I was born and raised in Australia, and sun care is so important there that SPF is a central part of my ritual every day and I try to reapply at least a few times. I curl my lashes and, if I have meetings, will apply some Kjaer Weis mascara.

Favorite place to brunch? What to order?

Gjusta for their grain bowl with salmon belly and avocado, and a flat white with their homemade nut milk. I always walk out with a loaf of their seeded rye— all of their bread is incredible.

Time to pack. What’s in your carry on?

I only ever pack a carry-on, even if I'm traveling for a few weeks. It depends on weather and destination, but I always pack a swimsuit, reusable water bottle, hat, computer, workout clothing, and my essential skin and body care products — my LESSE products, sunscreen, natural toothpaste, comb, and razor.

WHAT IS YOUR Pre-flight skincare ritual?

I double cleanse, use a little more toner than regular, and apply our LESSE Ritual Serum. Throughout the flight, I reapply the serum, lip balm, and hand cream; and I drink plenty of water.

And post-flight?

I double cleanse again and use our LESSE Bioactive Face Masque. It's hydrating, deeply cleansing, and balancing. It really helps recalibrate my skin when I travel. Then an ample amount of Ritual Serum to ensure skin is hydrated.

ANY jet-lag rituals?

I drink as much water as possible, try to do some light exercise— go for a walk or ride a bike —and a long shower or bath.

You have a free day in a new city, what do you do?

I spend the morning exploring galleries or museums, have an al fresco lunch outdoors, and then spend the afternoon walking or biking around a neighborhood — which is always the best way to get to know a city. A long, slow dinner at a local restaurant is always my favorite way to end an evening.

Your favorite beach destination? HOW ABOUT city DESTINATION?

I love traveling back to Australia and spending time in Byron Bay, but I absolutely love the beaches of southern Italy too. I spent some time in Sicily last year, which was beautiful and less crowded than you find the Amalfi. As for a city, Paris is always a good idea.

A place to go when you need some inspiration?

Somewhere isolated and in nature. I prefer to travel to new destinations as much as possible, so I look for more general characteristics of a place. Good food and wine, but quiet and slow living. Small islands such as Formentera, the Aeolian Islands, and Milos have all been inspiring places to visit.

Which destinations are on your bucket list?

Japan, Ischia, Copenhagen, India, Zanzibar.

Any evening rituals?

Time away from my phone and with my partner, and I usually read for about an hour before falling asleep.

What’s next for LESSE?

We have a new collaboration launching soon, with a friend of mine who has such a beautiful line. And then we have two new products launching later year — I'm so excited to share what we've been working on!

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