J Hannah's Insider guide to Los Angeles

After inheriting a few of her grandmother's vintage pieces, Jess Hannah fell in love with jewelry. Her label J.Hannah is minimal, timeless and as her instagram bio says: “jewelry for how it should be worn: never taken off.” Based in Downtown Los Angeles, we asked Jess to give us a tour of her city through her eyes.

Jess photographed by Jen Steele

Los Angeles. 8 am, where to wake up?

In bed with my cats meowing in my face! We call it "kitty storm". I live in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

Where is brunch?

I love Destroyer. It's close to home and I think it's cool how artful their presentation is while staying moderately priced..

Best neighbourhood for shopping? Which stores?

This question really points out to me how much I shop online — I always try to buy independent designer or vintage pieces. The best selection for the former can be found at LCD (two locations, one at The Row downtown and one in Venice). I also can't wait for the Shaina Mote store to open, she is my favorite designer and dear friend. Passenger also carries some of my favorite brands along with a well curated edit of vintage. Otherwise the mecca of all vintage is the Rosebowl Flea Market - on the second Sunday of every month.

Left: Shaina Mote Lookbook – Middle: Passenger Shop – Right: LCDStore

Your all time favorite restaurant for lunch?

For either I have to go with WoodSpoon, it's the perfect special cozy place and the food is delicious.

In the mood for dessert, where should we go?

Mochi at Fugetsu-Do in Little Tokyo. It's family owned and operated and has been around since 1903.

Left: Photography by Caleb Thal via LA Downtowner

Needing inspiration. Any art galleries, museums or inspirational place to go?

Arcana books has an amazing collection and you can lose yourself in all the inspiration there.

arcana books.jpg

After work drinks?

The Freehand Hotel's bar Rudolphs, located in their lobby, has some of the most creative cocktails! The process for creating some of these drinks is a marvel, and the attention to detail yields delicious results.

Where do we go for dinner with friends? and for a date?

For a night out with friends the rooftop restaurant at the Nomad Hotel is a very elegant and festive spot. Oriel in Chinatown would be my ideal date night. The interior has been beautifully designed without covering up any of the roughness it's earned as a former auto repair shop and gas station from the 1930s. It's a small and intimate space with incredible food.

Left: Oriel Chinatown by Simon St James

The thing you miss most when you’re away?

Aside from my two cats Olive and Remy and my dog Ruby? The sky—it's rare to live in the city and always be able to see the sky. Also, there are sunsets here that only LA smog can conjure.

LA’s best kept secret?

Goodwill on Beverly near Fairfax!

Both photos by Noua Unu courtesy of J Hannah