Italy Segreta's secret guide to Panarea

Panarea is like a mirage that appears in the horizon – The smallest and the lowest of the Aeolian islands, Sicily. It’s harsh and wild, sometimes a bit snobbish and yet, authentic and simple. A holiday made of morning granite, and barefoot wandering (as the locals do) between small white streets covered in different shades of bougainville. A enchanting island that offers the perfect balance between social life and unspoiled nature, a place where to truly enjoy the "dolce far niente" and spend your days hopping from bay to bay, island to island.  

You can download this list on Google Maps here.

How to get there

Panarea is reachable only by boat, with departures from Sicily (ports of Milazzo & Palermo)

and mainland Italy (Naples, Reggio Calabria)

When to go

June or early - mid September 


The ideal holiday in Panarea and all the Aeolian Islands is on a boat, it is the best way to enjoy the sea and above all to move freely from one island to another but if that is not an option we would suggest staying at B&B Nonna Cecilia or Raya or rent a villa from Soprano Villas


Da Pina

Da Paolino

Da Francesco

Da Antonio il Macellaio (great meat)

Hycesia (great crudi)

Ristorante Adelina 

Breakfast and granita

Il Bar Del Porto


Panarea in Forno

Food you need to try while there

Granita di Gelso (mulberry)

Malvasia delle Lipari (a typical wine from the region)

Pane Cunzato (da Adolfo on the nearby island of Salina)

Eggplant Caponata 

Ricotta Salata

L'Insolita di Andrea Pedrani (Panarea's wine)

Dance + Drinks



Raya boutique (one of their bohemian shirts is mandatory)

Moda Mare (custom made leather sandals)


Punta Del Corvo


Spiaggia Della Calcara (underwater springs)

Cala Junco

Punta Milazzese

Cala Degli Zimmari (the only sandy beach on the island)

Scuba dive /Snorkel

Lisca Bianca

Lisca Nera