Inside Natalia Zapata's Bachelorette Tour du Monde: Mexico


Natalia Zapata is a citizen of the world. We’ve followed her through her California road trip and now, her bachelorette trips around the world: from Mexico, Cuba and New York to the Colombian Pacific Coast. A tour du monde with a crowd of cool-girls from all over the globe… first stop: Tulum & Holbox!

Most memorable experience?

Golf-cart races with tequila shots in Holbox Island! Also, because this was a shared-bachelorette with my long-time friend Melissa who got married a couple of months before I did, we had an exciting mix of friends from all over. One night, they surprised us both with a little “ritual” on the beach below our Airbnb and passed on their wishes and advice for our coming marriages. So special and forever memorable. 

Favorite place to hang out and relax?

An afternoon gossiping and drinking Mezcalitas at BeTulum in Tulum. 

All-girls-approved breakfast spot? 

Posada Margherita in Tulum

Where to dance until the sun comes out?

Papaya Playa Project has amazing beach moon parties – a definite must for a Mexican bachelorette! 

Where to souvenir-shop? What should we take as a souvenir? 

Zak Ik at the Azulik Hotel is a spectacular store with a unique brand selection. Also, on the streets of Tulum, buy a hand-painted alebrije and any exciting bottle of Mezcal as souvenirs. 

For a hangover day – where to go?

There’s no hangover cure like the beach, so if you’re already in Tulum or Holbox, you’re pretty much set with a spicy michelada and friends on a beach. 

Underrated tourist spots include... 

I feel that Holbox is, per se, an already relatively underrated but absolutely beautiful place. Streets aren’t even paved and you can rent bikes or golf-carts to go around the island. It’s getting more popular by the minute so I’d say now is the time to go! 

Any day trips you recommend?

My girlfriends and I took a road trip to Cenote Dos Ojos, a striking natural sink-hole with clear blue waters. Make sure you get there early because it can get a bit crowded and too touristy. 

Where to find the best food? What to eat?

Food at Nomade Hotel is delicious. Order the grilled octopus and some prawn tacos! 

How to spend the LAST day of the trip?

Sunsetting at Azulik!