Checking in to Eros Keros in Koufonisia, Greece


Koufonisia island is where the story unfolds. Back in 1990, Anita fell in love with the island while being in her hometown Athens. Fast forward to 2018 and Eros Keros opened its doors to conscious travelers. The ones who appreciate discrete luxury, those who love being away for everyone and everything.

Once you check in, Anita will tell you the story herself. She instantly becomes a friend, telling you the stories behind every single decision of design, sustainability, and architecture. You will feel at home with Anita, the kindest host, her mother and daughter Asimina, the loveliest girl in the island. The best of pared back luxury, at Eros Keros life is serene and unrushed.


About Koufonisia

An unspoiled Cycladic beauty, Koufonisia is composed by two tiny islands: Pano (upper) Koufonisi and Kato (lower) Koufonisi. With less than 400 residents, the island is a true hidden gem. Only locals usually bring cars, so enjoy the feeling of strolling around with absolute freedom.
The uninhabited island of Keros reposes just in front of Eros Keros. Describing it is hard: a place of intense power and magic, that as a totem, needs to be experienced to be understood. From your own house you can also see the islands of Amorgos, Glaronisi, Kato Koufonisi and even Santorini’s lights when the sun hides.


Food & Sustainability

Wake up every day with stunning views and breakfast is ready for you in your terrace. Feel the bliss while enjoying fresh fruit, cheeses, yogurt and coffee. For lunch, expect farm-to-table deliciousness. The farm at Eros Keros offers tomatoes, eggplants, lettuce, and fresh herbs. If you want to have lunch in town, there are many restaurants where you can spend the afternoon relaxing. For lunch or dinner, don’t miss Captain Nikolas.


Architecture & Design

Nestled amongst traditional dry stone walls a cluster of four pavilions negotiate a complicated topography to give birth to Eros Keros. The petite paradise faces the southside of the Pano Koufonisi and is inspired by Cycladian architecture. The staggered layout and the unfolding of stonewalls, create a sequence of private outdoor niches to enjoy the hypnotizing view of Keros. Four big canopies define the shaded threshold between the cozy interiors and the sun-drenched exteriors. In addition, the strategic use of the stone paving both inside and outside enrich and blur the transition between the different spaces. Eros Keros is an honest celebration of local craftsmanship and Aegean identity. The art and decoration of every pavilion is delicately curated with emblematic textiles from Anita’s grandmother. The work of Athens based architects, Stavros Papagiannis and Nikos Lambaditis from Stage Design Office, together with Diogenis Verigakis, was completed by a carefully trimmed landscape of local olive trees, juniper and myrtle which surround the villas and the infinity pool making Eros Keros a dreamy getaway.

Around Eros Keros

  • Do not miss the natural pool, a hidden gem for sure, where you can jump from the cliff.

  • Have a drink at Scholio Bar - owned by Mimis and Nena

  • Chill by Kalofego

  • Beach Bar at Pori: the most amazing tzatziki // yummy dips

  • Go with an empty stomach to get the best fish and lobster at Capetan Nikolas

  • Seafood lovers, head to Aneplora at the small winter port of Parianos

  • Take a dip at the Eros Keros pool followed by an afternoon sunbathing at Fanos beach.

  • Any kite surfers around here? Head to Pori Beach.

  • Rent a fisherman’s boat and sail to Kato Koufonisi and Glaronisi for a day full of unforgettable adventures.

How to get there

  • Either fly direct to Paros, Mykonos or Santorini and then board the Sea-Jet hovercraft to Koufonisi (one and half hours boat trip)

  • Fly to Athens and then make your way to to Piraeus port to take the High Speed ferry (four and a half hours) or the Blue Star ferry (five and a half hours boat trip) to Koufonisi.

  • Or fly to Naxos (from Athens) and then take one of the three daily ferry services available.

Fast facts


4 houses with one or two bedrooms


From 250 Euros per night for the smaller house

From 450 euros per night for the bigger house

Minimum stay of 4 days in low season, 5 in mid season and 7 in high season


Laundry services

Small lending library

Assistance with booking and purchase of ferry tickets

Pick up from/drop off the port