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Sweet Escape – Postcards from a Road Trip in Menorca

Film photographer and artist Rosa Maria de los Heros is interested in curating sensations through photographs.  Once, somebody asked her “Is this a beautiful photograph or the photograph of something beautiful?” This distinction fueled her to create her own subjects to photograph. Here, she takes us to a summer dream: a roadtrip through Menorca. With no plans other than swimming and driving, see below her photo diary.

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Why Road Trips are the Ultimate Slow Holidays

There’s something so liberating about packing your holiday essentials into the back of a car, grabbing a map and setting off on a road trip. Whether you’re planning an epic journey or a weekend getaway, the freedom of a flexible itinerary completely slows down your trip. There are no flights to rush for, no frantic journeys on public transport. There’s just you and the open road.

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