Budapest Insider Guide: Sandra Sandor from Nanushka

Sandra Sandor put Budapest on the map when she launched her highly coveted brand, Nanushka in 2006. Since then, Sandor has attracted celebrities and influencers with her line of chic, modern staples inspired by her hometown. Below, she shares her local’s guide to Budapest.


Budapest, 10am. Where’s brunch?

On a sunny summer day the best spot would be the Deryne Bistro in Buda, where you have a freshly baked warm brioche while listening to mellow jazz music. It was the first café and confectionery that opened specifically for the residents of Buda, back in 1914. Bistro cuisine, live music and charming setting.

11:30am. What neighborhood should we hit for the best shopping? What stores?

One of my favourite spots is the Ecseri market where you can find vintage treasures and the antique street for furniture, jewellery. The Nanushka store is a great place to browse as we stock beauty and lifestyle products as well and it has a coffee shop where people can sit and read a magazine or book with the best coffee in town.

12:30pm. Any cool art galleries, museums, or sites locals love?

The Royal Palace in Szent György tér is one of the most emblematic architectural masterpieces of the cityscape, and the building easiest to recognize from the Pest side of the Danube. It is home to the Hungarian National Gallery, the National Széchényi Library and the Budapest History Museum.The annual Buda Castle Wine Festival is also held here, in addition to several other events of culture and gastronomy.

2pm. Lunch time. Where to?

Borkonyha is an airy, modern bistro with a list of about 200 outstanding domestic bottles. Hungarian inspiration meets french perfectionism. Very inventive kitchen but holds onto simplicity.

3:30pm. In the mood for coffee and dessert. Where should we go?

The Gerbaud House has a long history of preparing delicious traditional sweets in an amazing setting in the centre of the city.

On a day when you’re not at work, where might we find you?

At Harmashatarhegy, hiking with Ginie, my dog

5pm. It’s time for happy hour. Best spots?

Black Swan


8pm. Where should we go for dinner with friends?

For a laid back cool bistro vibe I would recommend Dobrumba in the heart of Jewish district - "From Atlas to Ararat, from Bosporus to Gibraltar" . For a culinary experience Babel would be my second choice where a Transylvanyian chef - Transylvanian kitchen meets haute cuisine. 75% of the Ingredients are from Hungary and so is their furniture! The owner has been building this restaurant for over a decade with an unreal dedication - last year they got their long awaited michelin star.

11pm. Then for drinks?

Ranked among the top 50 bars around the world, Boutiq’Bar is a true gourmet cocktail bar.

12am. What if we want to dance?

Pontoon   - A cultural nightclub where we can drink fröccs while sitting in a hammock overlooking the magnificent view by the river Danube and the Buda hills - perfect summer spot


Budapest’s best kept secret?

We have great mountains a 15 minute car drive from downtown. Every tourist focuses on the city sights when it comes to Budapest and no one goes out to the Buda mountains. It’s such a shame as it is really truly beautiful and there are many great hike tracks around.

Your absolute favorite place in Budapest?

Gellert Spa! Budapest has many thermal baths but the most beautiful one is the Gellert Spa in my opinion. It's very relaxing and calming combined with a breathtaking architecture.

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