A Local's guide to a Supernaturae Ibiza

Designed with a traveling muse in mind, Benedicte Lux is the creative mind behind SUPERNATURAE, a love story of travel, artisanal textiles and craft production. A global wanderer herself, Benedicte calls Ibiza home. With an all natural approach, we talked about her favorite vegan restaurants, hidden beaches, and locals-only spots in the island.


Ibiza. 8 am, where to wake up?

Ideally, on a clifftop in a hammock overlooking the sea, but I’m happy in my garden in San Carlos, with the birds chirping and the shadows of vines coming through the window. If you can’t wake up with me, stay at my friend Louki’s special place Can Quince. 

How do you build a routine in an island mainly known as a holiday destination? 

Discipline is so key. I wake up and meditate each day and dedicate the early hours to working. It’s such a blessing to live in a beautiful place but I also love to be productive so I make sure I get the most out of the day. 

Where is brunch?

My neighbours at Can Pere Mussona - Emiliano, the sweetest Argentinian chef, makes the brunch every Saturday and Sunday that is all local-sourced from the farm’s garden. You feel so light and refreshed afterwards - plus it’s a total hidden gem in the farmland between Santa Eularia and San Carlos. 

Time for an early swim. Any hidden beaches only locals know about? 

Ooooh - you’ll have to come with me for the really hidden ones! but I’d recommend Sa Caleta up past Portinatx.


Your all time favorite restaurant for lunch?

Cala Xuclar, the chiringuito there is so fresh and delicious. Book ahead.

In the mood for dessert, where should we go?

The Ferrer Rawcher at Can Guimo. Totally vegan and as good as a real Ferrero Rocher. Not a total dessert but aren’t you trying to keep your body beach friendly?!

We want to go on a day trip. Where to? 

Take a boat out to Es Vedra - the water there is crystal clear and it’s breathtaking to see the rock up close.

Needing inspiration. The most inspirational place to go?

For nature - meditating by the fishermen’s shacks at Moon Beach. For culture and people inspiration, the Chai Shop Ibiza hidden away in San Lorenzo - two local interior designers have created the most magical home space.

We want to dance, but far away from tourists. Where to? 

L’Amorigen, when they have a concert with incredible local and visiting musicians.

La Granja is a beautiful backdrop for an early evening cocktail and a little dance on Fridays before heading out to one of the islands many parties. My friend Jaime Fiorito is the music curator and always keeps it upbeat and fun.

Where do we go for dinner with friends? and for a date?

Cutest little spot in the north - La Luna Nell' Orto - and for friends- Los Enamorados. There are just so many fun textures and their attention to detail is astounding. Every corner is a revelation.

The thing you miss most when you’re away?

Breathing fresh air - and the crystal clear water. 

Ibiza’s best kept secret?

Ecofeixes - a farmer’s co-operative that are bringing organic back to the island. They sell every Wednesday between 6-8.30pm, and are located a little north of ibiza town.