Checking in to Casa de Perainda in Trancoso, Brazil

Trancoso, in Brazil’s coastal state of Bahia, is unspoiled, unassuming, and effortlessly charming. The dirt roads from Porto Seguro airport will lead you to this natural paradise that for years has been inhabited only by fisherman and hippies. Its appeal, which has been kept very much under wraps, has drawn in the in-the-know jetsetters and celebrities that seek a break from the spoiled beaches of Tulum and Ibiza. But Trancoso’s best kept secret? Tropical oasis, Casa de Perainda– a 5 room hostel that is tucked on a quiet street just a three minute walk from the town’s treasured Quadrado. Casa de Perainda, in all of its perfect simplicity, is merely a manifestation of the beloved bohemian beach town that occupies it.

Photos courtesy of Monica Mendal & Casa de Perainda

Casa de Perainda is unpretentious, yet impeccably designed in a nonfrivolous way, using its natural surroundings to tell the story. To add to that effect, the owners, Virgilio and Alexandre have sprinkled art from their travels throughout the pousada, making it feel more like a home, which is exactly how they want you to feel: at home.

There are just 5 rustic rooms, each with outdoor bathrooms and canopy beds. Waking up in Casa de Perainda is like waking up in a dream. I swear, I think this is what heaven looks like. Stepping outside, you pass through an abundance of ceramic pots sprouting green plants and flowers, and a hammock that hangs alongside the shared pool.

One of my favorite parts of the stay was waking up to a different breakfast table theme everyday. The 6-course breakfast (yes, 6 courses!) is shared on a long table with the hosts and the guests inhabiting the other 4 rooms. Like a family, everyone shares stories from their travels, and engages in plans for the day– with which Virgilio and Alexandre are always available to help coordinate.

Once you return, there are snacks available in the dining area for you to enjoy by the pool as you take in the late afternoon sun. The whole experience feels so personal and warm. At Casa de Perainda, you’re not just getting a hotel, but a new family and a place to call home– a pretty magical home, at that.