The ultimate Bali guide by Polina Sova

Bali! How can a place on the other side of the planet feel so much like home? I go a lot and have a lot to share about it with you. Here are my favourite places and tips and tricks about the island.


Areas to stay:

  • Canggu – all about the beach, cool eateries and going out. Hip
  • Berawa – between Canggu and Seminyak, much less busy than the two but has some awesome food
  • Seminyak – if Canggu is the Hackney of Bali, Seminyak is the Shoreditch with a beach
  • Ubud – middle of the island, all about the rainforest, temples, monkeys and shit loads of tourists. It’s a must to check out, but get a place away from the center
  • Uluwatu – the most southern point on the island. Think giant cliffs, endless beach and jaw dropping sunsets. Far (!!) from any other area.




  • Ulekan -Indonesian, authentic and clean (Berawa) 
  • Musubi -Pan Asian, killer brekkie (Berawa) 
  • Peloton -all vegan deliciousness, all day every day (Berawa) 
  • Watercress – healthy and yummy, all day (Kerobokan) 
  • Gypsy – pretty place for brekkie and lunch (Canggu) 
  • Betelnut -one of the first super healthy cafes, still going strong (Canggu) 
  • In The Raw – oh god, their salads. healthy (Canggu) 
  • Revolver -a pioneer of bringing Australia coffee to Bali, best on the island. Killer lunch, dinner and cocktails! (Seminyak) 
  • JI - delish Japanese in Canggu
  • Sisterfields – expensive for Bali, busy, but best brekkie I’ve had on the island (Seminyak) 
  • Mexicola – awesome venue, awesome Mexican. Nearly becomes a club at night, very busy (Seminyak)
  • Dahana -awesome Japanese, great price (Seminyak) 
  • Deus -for surfer and biker boys watching. They have an awesome cafe too. Is it the coolest shop in Bali? Probably (Canggu) 
  • Warung Sulawesi -Indonesian (Sulawesi) buffet. My favourite place to eat in Seminyak. Real cheap, real local, clean. picture below (Seminyak)
  • Warung Eropa -Indonesian classics from around the country, clean (Seminyak) 
  • La Baracca -Italian, cool spot (Canggu) 
  • Bottega Italiana -tiny Italian spot, great for people watching (Canggu) 
  • Monsieur Spoon -amazing French bakery chain. Just like Paris (Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud)  
  • Rayjin -awesome teppanyaki, door to door with Dahana, same owner (Seminyak)  
  • Gimme Shelter -Rock’n’Roll bar, probably one of the only ones in Canggu 
  • Warung Adi -Indonesian nasi Champur, one of the best on the island. picture below (Sanur) 




  • Como Shambhala Estate - there is an endless list of dreamlike luxury hotels on Bali, this one I have experience with. Splurge is the keyword. 
  • The Slow -the coolest hotel on the island. 12 suites goodness with a delicious restaurant, and cocktails at night. Also an uber cool clothing store (Canggu) 
  • Katamama -second coolest hotel on the island. Mid century Indonesian interior design and awesome restaurant. Part of Potato Head group and door to door (Seminyak) 


Beach clubs



  • La Brisa -my favourite! Check their Instagram. Do I need to say more? Amazing for sunset (Canggu) 
  • The Lawn -great during weekdays for food, and also drinks and boogie at night. Friday nights horridly busy with influencers, beware. Saturdays are better (Canggu) 
  • La Laguna -super cool decor (Canggu)
  • Potato Head -the iconic beach club (Seminyak) 
  • La Luchiola -quieter than the others, great for brunch (Seminyak) 
  • Karma Kandara -in Uluwatu, best beach, craziest view! (Uluwatu) 

The beach clubs are good for drinks at night and are good indication for the beaches. All of the beaches have surf lessons for ID 350.000 for 2 hrs. I highly recommend them! Don’t leave Bali without taking a lesson. (Uluwatu is not for beginners)

For Ubud:
I don’t know it too well but these are must do’s: