Let's get AWAY

One thing about us weekenders, is that we all need to travel light. Whether we are getting away for one day or one weekend, for work or for holidays, we have to be very practical. We’ve been obsessed with AWAY for a long time now, and it was time to have our own. The design is simple & minimal - just as we like it, very lightweight and easy to organise inside: a pocket for your toiletries, a pocket for your ipad/computer, another one for shoes, etc. You can even find a hidden laundry bag inside. But the best feature? You can charge your phone with it. Just imagine the endless times you’ve been in an airport desperately looking for a plug, those times are over. Plus other cool things like its 4 wheels, which make it super easy to maneuver. The definition of traveling with style.


How to Pack Like a Pro

After years of non-stoping traveling through Europe in low cost airlines, I’ve mastered the art of packing light. The first tip would be to plan ahead and chose your essentials before your trip, and not THE NIGHT before. Being stressed out and unprepared before a flight is a nightmare.


    Pack your core pieces , and chose them wisely, Think about the journey and the plans ahead. If you’re going to Iceland, there is really no need to bring heels “just in case”. Pick your basics, according to the number of days you will be away: black pants, jeans, white tshirt, sneakers, a swimsuit, underwear…Visualize what you will need and what you are missing.


    If you are a skincare freak like me, you own a thousand products and you have a long night and day routine. It is non-negotiable to bring your toiletries, but think about it: is your holiday really the time to apply a thousand masks or serums? Chose your core items, such as cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and toner.


    Its a common debate among travellers: the rollers VS the flat packers. I really think it depends on the volume of the garments. A chunky sweater will take more space rolled than flat. And 10 silk blouses will take no space if you roll them. Pack t-shirts, socks or other things inside your handbags or boots, and always make sure you have some extra space for the gifts or things you will buy when you’re away.