Checking in to Numeroventi, Florence

Located in the heart of Florence, hidden in the 500+ year old Palazzo Galli Tassi is Numeroventi, an artist residency, coworking and exhibition space - “a peaceful retreat from the velocity of modern day life”.

Photographed by  Marina Denisova

Photographed by Marina Denisova

A place where artists and creative people from Florence and all around the world meet, a community, think a little barrio for creatives. Numeroventi has welcomed artists such as Anna Kras, Blood Orange, Rich Stapleton, and Alexis Christodoulou. The space, as dreamy as it gets, mixes the best of both worlds: Scandinavian design with a touch of Renaissance.

Behind Numeroventi is Martino di Napoli Rampolla and Alessandro Modestino. Two of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Staying in, we discovered the most amazing restaurants, the countryside, a lot of tiramisu and many many glasses of wine.

Housed across three floors of Palazzo Galli Tassi, the studio apartments and working spaces are flooded in natural light. The mix of private and co-working spaces means that each resident benefits from the atmosphere of concentration, as well as a natural and informal way to meet like-minded people and exchange ideas.

You can book a room at Numeroventi, rent a space or apply for a residency.


Photographed by Marina Denisova


Rooster Café

Le Vespe Café



Briscola - Pizza Society

La Ménagère


La Cucina del Garga




L’Atico Noè


Snapshots from our trip