Checking in to Hotel Alma, Barcelona

There is something about wondering what it would be like to sleep in hotels of the city you live in. There were - and still are - a few that I would love to try in Barcelona. But because I live here I needed to find the perfect excuse. Luckily, I got the chance to indulge and stay at one of the best hotels, Hotel Alma


A couple of months ago, I got a text from a friend saying she was coming to Barcelona and asked me if I wanted to stay with her. It sounded a bit strange at first but when she showed me the hotel she had chosen, I couldn’t say no. It was also a great excuse to spend time with her and disconnect a little bit, plus, enjoy the hotel life.


HOTEL ALMA – Carrer de Mallorca, 271 – Book a room here.

Located in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Barcelona - L’Eixample , the hotel is near one of the Passeig de Gracia corners. Passeig de Gracia is a well known street, where two of Gaudi’s iconic builidings - La Pedrera and Casa Batló - are located.  It also has modernist buildings, an endless amount of stores (from fast fashion like Zara, Cos, And other stories to luxury like Céline, Prada, etc)  and several bars and restaurants. That is an excellent mix of elements to be surrounded when you are visiting a city. That being said, and as a local, I would say the location is ideal.

The hotel's building is a typical Eixample building. It was built in the beginning of XX century. Habitan Arquitectos and the interior designers Paco Llonch y Nori Furlan were the minds behind Hotel Alma style, a mix of classic with modern.

Apart from the inspiring interiors, there is something that I deeply appreciate in this hotel: the sense of peace. It may sound like a contradiction, because I just said that its located in a busy area, but I asure you that once you walk in, you will disconnect and completely forget that you are in the middle of a busy city. 

The crucial component that contributes most to the peaceful feeling is an interior garden. It looks like a little oasis. It’s a restaurant and a bar lost in the middle of the typical L’Eixample square (if you are not familiar with this concept you will be). You can enjoy a drink outside, a proper dinner or an amazing breakfast. If the weather is a little bit cold (for Barcelona) just sit on the interior part, near the glass windows to enjoy all the leafy green view with velvet curtains on the behind. 

The reception area, with very instagrammable velvet couches, is an open space with very high ceilings that connects the entrance with the restaurant/bar and the elevators. You’ll probably feel the need to sit there for awhile to absorb the atmosphere. 

Besides this leafy garden, restaurant, and intagramable reception area you also have a rooftop called Paradiso. Following the hotel green aesthetic you will find a lot of plants and rooftop views. Enjoy a cocktail and more feelings of disconnection - just pretend for a moment that it’s your house and you are in your private terrace. 

Let’s not forget the primordial reason why you are staying in a hotel - to sleep. The rooms are minimalist and modern and the protagonist of the room is the bed.  Extraordinarily comfortable and the big size is a huge plus. In the bathrooms, enjoy a long hot bath combined with (MALIN + GOETZ) toiletries if you forgot to take yours. My room views: the garden - extra points. 

Without sounding like a cliché, the weekend was actually pretty good to disconnect and I didn’t miss my bed for the two nights (and believe that I have an amazing relationship with her-the bed). If you can’t stay in the hotel (for multiple reasons) please try the leafy green restaurant and the rooftoop - highly recommended.