Tips: How to deal with Flight Anxiety

Anxiety does not necessarily means fear of flying or fear of planes. If you're feeling stressed each time you board a plane, during take off, turbulence, or just long flights, follow these tips.

1. Meditation. Learn some meditation techniques, it will help you on the ground too! Read about it and practice before hopping on your next plane. This leads me to one of my favorite 2017 solutions: apps! There are tons of apps that offer guided meditations. I recommend SMILING MIND. Soundcloud also offers podcasts with thousands of topics.

2. Breathe. This goes hand by hand with meditating. It is very important to learn how to correctly breathe. Practising yoga is key, but you can also learn by reading some tips to improve your breathing technique.

3. Be comfortable. Choose your seat, even if low cost airlines charge you for this, it is always better to do it. Whatever you prefer, aisle or window, chose a seat you like. I always go for window for short flights or late night / early morning flights, where I know I'm going to pass out. But for longer flights, I prefer to seat by the asile. Stretch your legs. Taking walks from time to time (every hour) calms you, reduces the feeling of being trapped, and gets your blood flowing. Take your time… focus on breathing deeply with each step.

If turbulence makes you anxious, chose a seat in the middle of the plane, directly over the wings. This is usually somewhere between rows 10 or 30 (but check with your airline). The wings keep it flying smoothly, and even if the difference is slight, you'll be less affected than seating in the tail or the front of the aircraft.

4. Distraction. Bring with you a light novel, magazine or e-book. You can also watch a movie (tip: Netflix now lets you download movies so you can watch them on airplane mode).

5. Food. Take some light snacks on board. Drink water. You can also take your own tea bags and just ask for hot water. Stay away from booze or coffee.

6. Relax. For long flights, always take your contact lenses off and wear something comfortable. A silk eye mask and cashmere blanket will make you feel at home. Moisturize your skin to feel fresh. If your hands get sweaty, use some refreshing baby wipes.

7. Good company. Tell your travel partner how you feel. Hold hands if necessary. You can also ask them to make you laugh or to tell you a really boring long story so you can fall asleep. If you're travelling solo, you can talk to a flight attendant about your anxiety, they are here to help.

8. Be prepared. Pack your travel pouch with the following: