Checking in to Hotel Americano in New York City

I’ve been a fan of Mexican hospitality power house Grupo Habita for years. The first of their properties that drew me in was Boca Chica in Acapulco, Mexico because it’s a genuine Midcentury architectural jewel.

Design for me is an integral aspect of my decision making when it comes to accommodations whenever I travel. If a hotel doesn’t have good design, don’t even think about it. A hotel is supposed to be my home away from home, so I require the same sense of familiarity and comfort. For me, that means surrounding myself with inspiring artwork, books, impeccable architecture and interiors. Extra points if the building is a historical landmark representing a specific period, like Boca Chica. Of course, good service, delicious food and the perfect mattress are a given.

As years went by, I kept track of every new Grupo Habita endeavour and one fine day I came across Hotel Americano, their chic New York outpost located in the Chelsea gallery district.

I dreamed of the day I could stay there, until last year when I was nominated for the Bloglovin’ Award’s “Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year” category, sponsored by H&M. To be eligible for the nomination, I had to participate in an international contest by submitting a look wearing something from the Swedish retailer. I did, and to my surprise, I was selected, together with four other talented girls from all over the world.

As part of our prize, we were all flown to New York and accommodated at—you guessed it!—the Hotel Americano! I already felt like the luckiest girl in the world, but having Bloglovin’ and H&M put us up there was just beyond exciting for me. And it did not disappoint.

From the moment I walked through the front door, I was greeted and treated with a smile and the most cordial disposition. The minimalist room, which I had seen many times before on social media, provided the most relaxing and Zen-like experience I’ve had in a New York hotel in recent memory. You can definitely find the rooms visually appealing through the screen of your phone, but you can’t really feel what a great oasis they are unless you stay there. And in New York, that serenity is a luxury in and of itself.

Furthermore, the bathrooms are stocked with Le Labo products. “This hotel is my soulmate”; I thought. I’ve been religiously using Le Labo’s perfumes, candles and home fragrances since 2008. The common areas are beautifully designed, as is the rest of the hotel, by MCH—Arnaud Montigny; the same minds behind famed French concept store Colette.

La Piscine, the hotel’s rooftop, stands out from the rest. Beautiful city views facing the Hudson river provide the perfect backdrop for sunset drinks.

If you still require convincing, the hotel’s neighbourhood pulls its own weight. If you are an art lover, this is the place to be. Hotel Americano is surrounded by some of New York’s best art galleries like Gagosian, Dia:Chelsea, Yossi Milo and Yancey Richardson. The High Line is also accessible just a block away on either 26 St. or 28 St., and it makes for a splendid walk south towards the Whitney Museum on Gansevoort St. and all the surrounding cafés, restaurants and boutiques in the West Village.



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