Travel Light

As a frequent low-cost airline flyer, I like to be practical and travel with just the essentials. For my weekend trips, I take my carry on and a stylish backpack with the following:

1. Chloé Faye Backpack , shop here  2. & Other Stories Travel wallet, shop similar here, this is were I put my ID card, travel miles cards, insurance information, etc. 3. Passport cover, shop similar here, I love my passport and take good care of it! 4. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, shop here, I love the smell of it and it really hydrates your hands. 5. This works deep sleep products, shop here this is perfect for the people who have trouble sleeping in long flights. I never have this problem but I get very stressed and anxious so this helps me relax a lot! 6. Slip silk Eye Mask shop here 7. Finally, a solo card holder. I like to keep separate from my wallet some of my credit cards in case something bad happens I will always have a backup! I love the Céline card holders, shop here.