The most Dreamy hotels in Portugal

Somehow, because I am a dreamer, I feel like these hotels in Portugal could be my weekend houses. They feel so intimate, simple, luxe pieds nus kind of places. Aires Mateus + João and Andreia Rodrigues are behind these three amazing projects in the beautiful Portugal.

Photographer Nelson Garrido / Architect Manuel Aires Mateus

Casas Na Areia

In Casas Na Areia, architect Manuel Aires Mateus built 4 little houses in the middle of a virgin beach. Two of them, built of wood and reeds, and the other two in white concrete. The houses are 1 hour from Lisbon, in Comporta. Enjoy some bird watching by the pool or by the river; the region is known to be home of a variety of wild life like flamingos and dolphins!

Prices: During high season (20/5-10/9) the price is 700€/day (minimum stay 7 days).During low season (11/9-19/5) the price is 600€/day or depending on the number of people staying (minimum stay 3 days).

Cabanas No Rio

For the romantics, two old fisherman huts were recovered by architect Aires Mateus and turned into two cabins: the first one with the bedroom and bathroom (the shower can be used both indoors and outdoor, I personally think that there is nothing better than outdoor showers!) and the second one with a living room and little kitchen. The cabins include a kayak, which is one of the fun activities available. You can also go horse back riding on the beach, see the dolphins, and just enjoy the views of the surrounding nature of Sado.

Cabanas No Rio has maximum capacity for 2 people. The price is 200€ /night during low season and 250€ the night during high season. 

Casa No Tempo

Casa no Tempo is 1 hour away from Lisbon too, and its the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful vacation. The house was originally owned by João and Andreia Rodrigues grandfather, located in he middle of a peaceful landscape where olive and oak tress are the only shades, and the only sounds are the summer breeze and the horse's steps.

During high season (July and August) the price is 700€/day (minimum stay 7 days). During low season (September to June) the price is 600€/day.