Travel Solo Packing Guide

We should travel solo at least once in our lives. I love to be in a city where no one knows my name, or where they don't even speak a language I know... I get to create (or discover) myself, to have new ideas, to be inspired, to walk with nothing but my thoughts, to be more open & friendly and get to know more people. 

An important part when travelling alone is that you can walk everywhere by yourself, and you have to be very practical. Travelling alone is liberating & empowering, and what you are wearing should reflect that, too.

Here is my packing list:


I always, always prefer flats over heels or anything uncomfortable. If you are walking for many hours a day you will need the perfect pair of sneakers. Here are my picks to replace your dirty white Converse or Stan Smith.


I love a good backpack or cross-body bag where you can have your hands free all of the time. It is important that you don't add much weight so your back or shoulders don't hurt! I usually carry my wallet, sunglasses, a hand moisturiser, camera and that's it! 


It depends on where you are going and what the weather is, but I would say just stick to the essentials. A hat & sunglasses for the summer, your iphone charger.. keep the expensive jewelry at home!