Paris City Guide for the Bon Vivants

Paris. One of our favorite cities in Europe. There are people who call it the city of lights, others, the city of love. In Hôtel Weekend we call it the city of the most amazing food. To show you our love affair with the city and its food, we invited our contributor Nathalie Simond to be your guide to the best of Paris.

Big mamma group

133, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris

You can choose from five different amazing locations around Paris, but my favorite one is definitely East Mamma. Located in the 11eme arrondissement, this trattoria offers an amazing selection of wines, cocktails and pizzas but, the one and only reason this spot is my favorite out of the five, is the out of this world truffle pasta.  No words can describe the flavorful bites; you need to experience it yourself.  Be careful though, the menu changes according to the arrival of fresh products, so if you do want to have pasta, best time of year is from November to February. If you’re planning on visiting Paris during the Summer, don’ t worry, have a taste of the creamy delicious burrata and enjoy the terrace and the sun with a Spritz. 

La Mangerie

7 Rue de Jarente, 75004 Paris

This is the perfect place for a large group of friends as the main of the dinning is to share tapas.  It’s always packed and quite loud but the food, drinks, staff and decor are definitely worth it. You can make a selection of approximately 15 different incredible tapas and multiple planches of fine cheeses and red meats. If you are not the sharing type, do no worry, they got you covered.  Make sure you make a reservation or you might find yourself waiting for ages.


Canard & Champagne

57 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris

The name says it all. For duck lovers, this place is paradise. For a 26 euros menu, you get a duck entrée and a duck main course. Pair it with a nice bottle of Champagne and it is a party in your mouth. The place is really hip and fresh located in a beautiful alley called Passage des Panoramas. Best part: you can have all you can eat sides which include french fries fried in duck fat. Yes, please.


43, rue Servan Paris 75011

This tiny place serves only 5 to 6 tables but the culinary experience is amazing. If you can, ask for a place at the bar, where you can see the sous chefs rocking that kitchen, not to mention the chef, who would recommend you and walk you through your experience. The menu changes often and they have an amazing wine selection. Best bottle of wine I have ever tasted called Jeu de Vin, order it if you can. Not to mention the chef, Pierre Jancou, is a sight for sore eyes. 

Photo via The Socialite Family

Paname Brewery Company

41 bis Quai de la Loire, 75019 Paris

THE PLACE TO BE FOR DRINKS WHEN THE SUN IS OUT ! Amazing terrace in front of the Canal de l’ Ourcq, great beer, great cocktails and great view.


6 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris

Personal favorite spot located in le Marais. This bar à vin offers you a great selection of wines at all different prices. Choose from the wine cellar right next to the bar, order a cheese plate and just sit and relax. As all good places, this place gets really busy really early, so make sure to arrive right before 7pm if you want to have a table, it’ s great for the famous French apéro (drinks & snacks before proper dinner) but not so much for the actual dinner.  

For those on a tight budget , get a bottle of red –during winter- or white & rosé for the hotter days, a couple of baguettes, olives, cherry tomatos, a good Compté cheese and some saucisson go to Ile-Saint-Louis and enjoy the beautiful architecture right next to the Seine.