Digital Detox - It's time to log off

Photography by Andrea Swarz

Let's face it, we all need a digital detox. It has been years since, apparently, we can not live without cellphones, social networks, and the internet. It is sad to see everyone paying more attention to their iPhones than to the streets, the people around them....and I feel we all need a break from time to time. Just leave your cellphone at your house the whole weekend, try it! 

It's time to log off retreats in Italy & Hawaii offer the chance to disconnect from your digital devices and reconnect with the world offline, so you can come back to real life feeling relaxed and energised!

Hand in your phones, laptops and everything you have and head to a beautiful masseria in the middle of the Puglian countryside. Instead of endlessly scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, or stressing over emails 24/7, enjoy an entire week of yoga, walks, meditation, nature, deep conversations, and a moment with yourself.. At the end of the trip you will see, that you actually didn't miss anything!

The Masseria is a 18th century country house set in over 20 acres of land with olive, fig, cherry, almond trees, and the most beautiful views. The house also has a swimming pool and a sun terrace to relax with the Italian sun and breeze. Another great reason to visit is, of course, the food. 

The next week of Digital Detox is happening 21ST-27TH MAY 2017. Make your reservation here.