Travel tips for the Weekend-ers

Nothing like exploring a new city! I travel a lot around Europe and most of the times, they are 48 hour trips, so I have to be careful with my time and plan ahead very well. Being well prepared and informed about the city you are travelling to makes the trip better! 

Make the most out of your short trip with my tips:

1. The basics:

- Check the weather app and make sure you are well dressed during your stay. This is very important for when you are packing.

-Download City Mapper (best app ever) and make sure you have roaming services, or if not, take note before travelling of the route from the airport to the hotel.

-Research. You can save money by looking before arriving to your destination about the best way to get from the airport to the hotel. Taxis can be very expensive (for example in Milan, a Taxi from Malpensa to the center can cost you 150 euros), but airport buses or trains can cost you around 6 euros or less.

2. Make your wish list:

-Before you travel, explore the internet for recommendations, hot spots, new restaurants and more. A good tip I always use is to look on Instagram in "places" the city or neighbourhood I am visiting, and see what other people are doing, which places they are tagging....

-Buy a City Guide book. I love the CEREAL and PETITE PASSPORT guides. Discover new places beyond the internet!

-Ask around. Ask your friends which have already been there.

-Make a list of everything you want to visit, remember you have 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and drinks & party (depending on your mood). Choose the top two and try to make reservations. Take a look at the locations, when in Copenhagen I wanted to visit the Louisiana Museum so bad, but it was very far away and we spent 4 hours in transportation in total! 

3. Discover:

The best places I've found when travelling are the ones that I have discovered by strolling around. Always take note of the names or take a business card!