La Mangerie

In the heart of Le Marais,  one of my favorite neighbourhoods in Paris, is located La Mangerie. Owner Serge Ahovey and designer Corinne Muller imagine a secret entry to the main dining space, going through a closet (Narnia style!).

The room welcomes you with wooden tables, colored chairs, baskets with fruits hanging from the wall, and an olive tree in the middle of a picnic style table.

The menu was designed by Adrian Calvo, and the food is soooo amazing, with great quality products like Thierry Breton's bread, Lalauze's meat and fresh vegetables from Halle Prestige, you can eat a diverse selection of tapas to share with your friends. The staff is so friendly, just make sure you arrive early because after 7pm the bar can be full!

Where? 7 rue de Jarente, 75004 Paris

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