Azúcar Hotel in Veracruz, México

The sweet, sweet life... Azúcar hotel in Veracruz is the place to go when you need a sweet break. Instead of the usual room with a view, sleep at your own bungalow (called palapas). If you know me, you know that white walls & bedding + palm trees + a touch of pink is the secret to my happiness (add Mexican food to this and it becomes pure & extreme happiness).

Take a nap in the hammocks, a shower in your own terrace, & read a book by the sea.

Prices range from 100€ the night.

Where?  Carr. Fed. Nautla - Poza Rica km 83.5, Monte Gordo, 93588, Tecolutla, Veracruz, México.

Photography courtesy of Azúcar Hotel / Architecture: Elías Adam, José Robredo / Interior Design Carlos Couturier