Ulla Johnson's new Boutique in New York

I could easily say that this is one of the prettiest new stores in New York. The new Ulla Johnson's shop is a celebration of beauty, feminity & optimism in the heart of New York.

Ulla shared her vision with architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior designer Alexis Brown, who made the dream come true. Every element of the store was touched or finished by locally based designers, weavers, painters, sculptors & all kind of artists.

The store goes perfectly with the latest collection (pink!) and feels cozy, and elegant, giving you the felling of wanderlust. I cannot wait to visit it next time I am in New York & please...can I have that lamp?!

Where? 15 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012
Tel 212.965.0144

Photos courtesy of Ulla Johnson / Architect Elizabeth Roberts / Interior Design Alexis Brown