California Roadtrip: Chapter 5 – Last stop, San Francisco

1st stop - Los Angeles, 2nd stop - Carmel by the Sea,  3rd stop - Yosemite National Park , 4th Stop Napa Valley


San Francisco. San fran cis co. It even sounds hip. Those red-steel-bars still piercing the sky and more feted than ever. The Golden Gate is such a symbolic west-coast sight that it’s a privileged souvenir for the mind itself, and to think it’s barely just the gate! San Francisco is emotional, witty, raw and friendly.  Its old-style charm and seaside influence continue to create iconic city views that go as high and as low as its streets. From picnics on dog parks to beers at piers, the city will always challenge your mind to be open, your feet to be flat and your heart to be full.  


Hotel Zetta


Clam Chowder at Pier 39 / Tony’s Pizza / A Mano Restaurant – Hayes Valley / Hog Island Oyster Bar / Tacolicious / Liholiho Yacth Club / If you love unassuming spots and authentic food like we do, check out a place we liked: a restaurant in Chinatown recommended by a Chinese local where the food was great: Grant Place Restaurant (if you daringly make it past the exterior).   


Coastal Trail, SFMoma, Crown Point Press, Touristy musts: Pier 39 (I’m an animal lover. Clearly), Chinatown, ride a Cable Car, walk through Lombard St.   


Hayes Valley. My favorite was Garret Leight for cool and true California-style eyewear. 

And then it was over. 

It’s hard to explain that feeling one gets when knowing some place new. The thrill, the gratitude, the sense of getting richer with every new street walked, every new word shared, every new wine drank.  California was an inspiration all around and I am hopeful to go back to visit more, see more, stay more.  That is, of course, after having checked several other destinations off my list.   

Roadtrip Playlist ahead.