Checking in to Bohème, Mykonos


Who wouldn’t say that Mykonos is always a great summer idea? Known for its crazy beach parties and non-stop music & drinks scene, Boheme hotel is your little zen paradise in the midst of it all.

CHECKING IN boheme tania lian.jpg

Its design is exactly what you would want when you think of any greek island as it is all white with soft grey hues, being true to the traditional Cycladic architecture mixed with great design pieces. 

Located a few minutes walking from the town, windmills and Little Venice which is very convenient as it’s made for relaxation without taking you away from the hype. 


The hotel is part of SLH Small Luxury Hotels and has a main pool and deck area with cool bean bag chaise longues, and right next to it is the mixology bar and restaurant that serves local cuisine with ingredients of their small bio garden. 

What I really enjoyed was the friendly staff since the moment you come in; you definitely feel taken care of. Each suite has a great view to the mountain, palm trees and beach below. They all have a small living room, a terrace or balcony and a private jacuzzi for you to wind down at any moment. Each corner and angle has been turned into cute little sofas with pillows so you can snuggle with your summer book everywhere around the room. 

The lamps are all very different from one another and give a modern twist to the greek design. Plus the pillow menu is heaven.


The overall experience is a delight, as they try to match the guests with only one butler/staff member throughout your stay so they get to know your taste in food, your schedule and is available to you at almost all times to help you get around or plan any excursions on the island. 

The best thing though, is their breakfast experience: they call you the night before to ask what you would like to have, (6 or 12 minute cooked eggs? Brown toasted bread or just lightly toasted?….) and the next day…breakfast in bed! the staff brings you breakfast inside your room at the time agreed, whether you want it in bed or they set up your table on your balcony so you can have some coffee with the amazing view and chirping birds. Kalimera!