Four days of Bohemian sun in Ibiza

IBIZA, A Mystical & Magnetic Island

"Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark. This quintessential Mediterranean hot spot has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians alike for decades. It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilization and wilderness, and to discover bliss." - Ibiza Bohemia by Assouline


Where to stay?

Los Enamorados is the place to be. Opened until October 30th (hurry up! You still have two weekends left!). Los Enamorados is located in the North of Ibiza, and was created by the coolest couple: Pierre Traversier, ex-basketball player and sneaker addict and Rozemarijn de Witte, editor in chief and collector of all things and everything. Check in love.


Los Enamorados Photos : Liselore Chevalie via Milk Magazine


Strolling around

We rented a scooter but I would recommend renting a jeep, so you get to see more of the island. My favorite views were from Es Vedrá. Here, you will feel the magic of Ibiza Bohemia. It is hard to describe, and yes, you have probably seen thousands of photos of Es Vedrá in your instagram feed. But you need to be there in order to feel it, the intense power and magic of this place. the magnetic energy and vibe of Es Vedra is believed to act as a natural place of healing, inspiration, magic.. There are some cool legends that name Es Vedrá as the tip of the long lost city of Atlantis, or home to the sirens and nymphs who tried to seduce Ulysses from his ship in the Odyssey... This place is just pure magic.

Beaches: Go for a swim in the crystal clear water of Cala Conta. A secret spot: Moon beach, in the North of the Island, is a less known beautiful beach.


Eat & Relax

We loved spending the whole afternoon at El Chiringuito Es Cavallet, where the music was great, the crowd was cool, mojitos were fresh and food was delicious. The Chiringuito has views to Dalt Villa (Ibiza old town) to the left and Formentera to the right. Cotton Beach Club,  at Ibiza’s southwest coast , is the perfect spot for watching the sunset. Another great sunset spot is Sunset Ashram. For farm-to-table food, go to Aubergine, or El Portalón, serving sustainably grown and sourced food, in a way that fits seamlessly with the island of Eivissa.


Day Trip: Formentera

Take an early ferry at Ibiza town straight to Formentera. You cannot miss this, even if you are going just for the weekend! Ses Illetes beach is the most beautiful one. Make sure you walk to the very end of it, it is so worth it! The view at El Pirata while we had lunch was spectacular. Walk, take a dip, stop for a mojito at Juan y Andrea  and repeat. Don't miss Beso Beach. Shop at Balafia. If you can stay longer, my friend Rosa and her boyfriend Manuel made their own beach guide, check it our here.


Pack your bags