A creative duo's (artist & architect) guide to Formentera's beaches

We are the kind of couple that loves to savour each moment together in nature. We tend to run away from tourist circuits and crowds.  Attracted by the promise that we would find crystalline beaches, white sand and infinite peace, we booked our flight to the smallest of the Pityusic islands: Formentera. We had never been there before but we were eager to escape Barcelona.  

All photos by Rosa María de los Heros

Sas Illetas · 35mm VII.jpg

We did very little planning.  Despite the idyllic and adventurous scenes of Lucia (from Medem´s Lucia y el Sexo) in a moped we were advised to get car.  It was a great idea since we could carry everything we needed when exploring beaches and kept safe the one night we experienced a thunderstorm.  The other piece of advice that served us well was to download Wind Guru.  This app lets you know which way the wind is blowing so you can choose which beach to visit and not have your beach umbrella fly everywhere.  The last piece of advice is to surrender to the slow paced life and bask in everything nature has to offer. Cheers!

General Tips:

  • APPS to download:  Google Maps + Wind Guru + Spotify with beach-y playlists
  • Rent a car 
  • Beach Umbrella
  • Cardigan/light sweater
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Cash — Credits Cards have a €10,00 minimum


Ses Illetes/Levante: 


This is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.  Since it is one of the most touristy beaches within the island; it is recommendable to walk further away from the main beach to find your heavenly piece of sand.  Wear closed shoes or sneakers!  The ground is rocky and I was struggling barefoot.  The best time to go is in the afternoon like around 5:00pm. You can still enjoy the sun and reward yourself with a fresh caña at Es Ministre. 

Sas Illetas · 35mm III.JPG
Sas Illetas · 35mm V.JPG
Sas Illetas · 35mm I.JPG

Sa Platgeta:


Almost hesitant to let you know about this spot.  It is our absolute favorite!  Sandy beach with clear waters in the Mitjorn bay.  Serene and savage.  Spend the day here and leave completely renewed and disconnected from civilization.  Enjoy the company of our friends; the tiny lizards. 


Es Caló des Mort: 


A must go.  Shoot your Fomentera postcard here.  It is a tiny and isolated cove.  Come here early and claim your spot in the sand.  We came a little late and had to find ourselves a rock-bed where we laid to photosynthesize.  The rock area was good, maybe not as comfy and private as we had expected.  Definitely wear sneakers and closed shoes.  Your will have to climb down and flip flops can be tricky.  

EsCaló· MediumFormat I.jpg
EsCalo·35mm I.JPG

Cala Saona: 


Turquoise blue water and 100% sunset friendly.  Big Beach and beautiful view of Es Vedrà rock in Ibiza. Tip:  Double check the flag for jellyfish!  (Do not worry, this is the only beach where you have to look out for them).  Be seduced by the intense reds of the sand and the pure blues of the water.  Photos are a must!  

Saona·35mm VII .jpg
Saona·35MM III.JPG

Ses Canyes: 


Beach located north from Es Pujols in the north facing part of the Island. Virgin beach not visited by many tourists with the exception of some robust German nudists.  We had a lovely time and enjoyed lots of space to ourselves. The colour of the water is deep blue — very different from the other beaches.  In this beach you can rent a deck chair for the day if you would like.  

Landmarks and other non-beach related activities:

Na Blanca d’en Mestre:

Visit Blanca, a 100 year old fig tree in the middle of the Island. She is propelled by an auxiliary structure which helps her grow horizontally. She reaches 20 meters in diameter! This is a traditional way that farmers control the growth of these plants to make it easier when harvesting figs.  Blanca met your grandparents, now she is thrilled to meet you, too!

Blanca .jpg

El Jardí de les Eres:

For the architecture lovers.  Find a “garden of walls” nested inside the small town of Sant Francesc. Adjacent to the newly revamped Antoni Tur “Gabrielet” Cultural and Artisan Center, you will encounter this delicate and sensitive structure designed by the Ibiza-born architect Elias Torres. Enjoy this modern reinterpretation of the typical Pitiusan construction. Myriad pockets to relax and catch your breath contained by white painted walls, mares-stone paved and lush Bugambilias.

Faro y Cabo de Barbaría:

THE sunset spot.  Implanted in the most western cape of the island.  The lighthouse of Barbaría is one of the most beautiful spots of the island.   Warm golden light in the afternoon and amazing views of the Valencian Coasts when the day is clear. If you have watched Julio Medem’s Lucia y el Sexo you will recognize the Cabo.  It is a huge hole on the calcareous rock that you can access through a wooden ladder.  This sunken gallery leads you to a magnificent balcony with spectacular views of an endless blue.  Visit this place, it is a must!

Cap de Barbaria ·35mm I.jpg
Cap de Barbaria ·35mm III.JPG
Cap de Barbaria ·35mm VI.JPG